1. School submit their enquiry to Excelzia for their Study Tour planning.
  2. Excelzia review the enquiry.
  3. Excelzia will sit down with the school to discuss and understand their needs and goals. A comprehensive brief will be produced with this information below:
      • School Curriculum and Goals
      • Desired program and learning outcomes
      • Other supporting educational excursion/activity
      • School Budget
      • Timeline of when school wants to do Study Tour and for the duration
      • Logistics options for accommodation (homestay, hotel apartment, student accommodation), meals (special dietary, preference), transportation (private coach, public transportation) and other specific requirements (religious activity, community service, etc).


  1. Excelzia and appointed university/institution/school design and formulate required program for school
  2. Program module and itinerary will be drafted based on the comprehensive brief from school. It is our aim to designing unique program and suitable itinerary for school. No program is off the shelf.
  3. School will review the Program draft, and Excelzia will assist to fine tune until it is finalized.


  1. After initial discussions, Excelzia and the school reaching congruence on the required experiential learning program and study tour, Excelzia will present the school with a set of documents below:
    • Proposal
    • Confirmation Order
    • Terms and Conditions
    • Payment Schedule

2. Once all documents received, school will have the opportunity to

    • Accept Proposal and sign the Confirmation Order. After signing the Confirmation Order, a non-refundable Holding Fee will have to be paid to hold the agreed price stated in the Proposal. Pricing stated in the Proposal only valid for 40days from the Proposal issue date.
    • Confirmation Order outlined our Terms and Conditions. By signing the Confirmation Order, the school agrees to Excelzia’s Terms and Conditions and they are legally binding.
    • Otherwise, the school has the right to request for some revisions for the Proposal at this stage, or to decline.   


  1. Once all the legal documents are signed, Excelzia proceed to book the Program with appointed institution/school
  2. Travel and logistic arrangements are proceeding for booking and finalise
  3. Payment settlement are due to process as scheduled and agreed in the Proposal and Payment Schedule

Documents to complete:

      • Visa Application Sponsor Letter – Excelzia will issue the invitation/sponsor letter for school group
      • Student and Teacher Consent Forms – School must complete, sign and submit all required consent forms prior to arrival
      • Rooming/Homestay List – School must complete and submit this list to support the housing arrangement


Approximately 2-3 weeks before the school group fly out to Australia, Excelzia will conduct a pre-departure information session for students and parents. Information and advice of what to expect, to prepare, to pack and handling all their questions, concerns and enquiries.

  1. Our staff will meet the school group on arrival – providing 24/7, professional, attentive, child-friendly, fully licensed customer service. Excelzia will be with the group every step of the way until their departure. 24hrs Emergency numbers will be provided to school group leader(s).
  2. Welcome Luncheon is on the arrival day.
  3. Program concludes with Certificate Presentation. Certificate is issued by the program operator(s): university/institution/school who has CRICOS (Commonwealth Register of Institutions and Courses for Overseas Students) which allows our operators to offer courses to overseas students.
  4. Farewell Ceremony or celebration is to be held at the end of the whole program.



  1. Once the study tour has completed and school group has returned to their home country, Excelzia will send Study Tour report and survey.
  2. Excelzia also will produce multi-media production including digital video presentation and photography of the school’s study tour.
  3. Excelzia will be more than happy to assist the school on their future Study Tour planning.


Every EXECELZIA study tour package is designed to create a first class, value-added international experience. With no unexpected surprises. (unless they’re nice ones)