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By February 20, 2017News

On the 5th February 2017, 12 officials from the South Sulawesi Education Department and Training Department attended a fact-finding study tour in Sydney hosted by Excelzia.  The delegation stayed in Sydney for a week from the 5th to the 11th February 2017.  During their stay, they visited NSW Public Schools, met with the NSW Department of Education and UTS.  They were reviewing Excelzia’s Teacher Professional Development Program and learning about the facilities and offerings of NSW Schools and UTS.

The Government of South Sulawesi, Indonesia has decided to undertake a strategy of overhauling their public-school system.  They have established a plan to upskill their teachers, upgrade their schools and their education system to industry best practice.  They have committed to developing a Model Schools Program.  Excelzia has been working with the Australian Consulate General in Makassar and the Government of South Sulawesi to develop education and training programs to facilitate this plan.  Excelzia, working with their partners, the NSW Department of Education and access UTS, have developed the Teacher Professional Development Program.

We are fortunate to have the Head of the Education Department, Mr. Irman Yasin Limpo present.  Mr. Limpo has been the visionary behind the Model Schools Project.

Excelzia arranged for the delegation to visit Burwood Girl’s High School, South Sydney High School and West Marrickville Primary School so they could see the way NSW Schools function and how they are organised.  This will enable them to understand how Excelzia’s training programs will help them to achieve their goal of best practice in the schools of South Sulawesi.

The delegation also met with UTS to review the Teacher Professional Development training program and appreciate the breadth of services and capabilities that UTS has to offer (UTS, accessUTS and UTS Insearch).

Excelzia is extremely grateful for the commitment and support it has received from the NSW Department of Education and UTS.  Their commitment to Excelzia and this project is unparalleled.

For more information please contact Excelzia at [email protected].


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