Digital Media Program 1 – Film & Television Production

This is a five-day course that enables students to get real, “hands-on” experience in state-of-the-art facilities.

Students are taught by industry professionals who are currently working in the film, television and digital media industries.

Ages 15 and over

Course Day Plan

Real Filmmaking Workshop (4 Days)

Learn about the inner workings of crew roles on a film set while receiving hands-on experience operating digital cameras and working with professional picture and sound editors, all while collaborating to create, shoot, and edit a short film.

  • Write, shoot, edit and screen a film
  • Learn how to analyse and break down a short script, plus how to plan a shoot and gain invaluable experience working with real actors
  • Working with actors on a real set to learn how to direct
  • Learn camera skills, lighting, sound and editing using professional equipment

Presentation Day

  • “Graduation” screening presentation in the facilities on-site theatre
  • Tour of Facility to see how these skills are used
  • Afternoon Tea – students meet and greet local students and facility staff and lecturers

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