Sports & Exercise Program 1 – Swimming

The focus of this program is on competitive swimming coached in a fun and supportive environment.

Working with leading coaches and sports trainers at one of Australia’s leading sports facilities to give athletes the chance to continue their sporting pursuits whilst getting an education at the same time. The incorporating the Sport and Science Exercise Programme, enables students to understand the importance of a scientific approach to peak physical performance.


  • Squad programmes for all ages and skill levels
  • Developing technique and achieving personal goals
  • Perfecting different strokes, starts, turns and finishes
  • Building fitness and endurance
  • Individual medley and relay practice
  • Developing and training for competitive swimming
  • Introduction to other water sports (e.g. water polo)
  • Testing Physical Fitness and & Movement Efficiency – Participate in fitness and skills testing
  • Physiological Responses to Cardio Vascular Training – Different types of training and the effects on the body
  • First Aid and CPR training

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