Sports & Exercise Program 2 – Physical Fitness

The focus of this program is on Sports and Exercise Science giving students the opportunity to apply learnings in a variety of practical settings.

Working with leading coaches and sports trainers at one of Australia’s leading sports facilities to give athletes the chance to continue their sporting pursuits whilst getting an education at the same time. By the end students will possess an understanding of testing physical fitness and develop a personalised health and skills related fitness profile.

Life Skills Course

  • Initiative Games – team building activities using games and exercise for problem solving
  • Archery
  • Introduction to a new sport (e.g. Quidditch, Netball)
  • Testing Physical Fitness & Movement Efficiency through athletic and cardio exercises
  • Learn the biomechanical principles and anatomical structures of Rock Climbing whilst participating
  • Sports medicine including the prevention of injury, first aid treatment and injury management
  • Taping course – technical and practical advice for taping and strapping to prevent injuries
  • Define factors affecting performance through physiological responses to cardiovascular training
  • Define factors to improve performance through resistance training
  • Accredited first aid and CPR course
  • Tour of University campus and introduction to University life

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