Study Tours

Local Schools Study Tours

Study tours provide a unique insight into schools and education in NSW.

Study tours offer groups of overseas students a unique educational experience that includes visiting schools, participating in classes, excursions and special events conducted in the school or local community.  Typically these are three day intensive courses designed to give overseas students the opportunity to experience learning and school life by visiting government schools in Sydney or NSW.  The schools will welcome you into their safe and friendly community and students will be learning with Australian students in regular classes and making friends with Australian students via the “buddy” system.

Excelzia is accredited with the NSW Government Department of Education – International as a Study Tours operator.

This enables Excelzia to work with Australian local schools to create immersion programs (where overseas students attend local classes), cultural visits, or other experiences that your school may require.

NSW Schools have more than 740,000 students in over 2,200 well equipped schools.   Study Tours are run at chosen local schools and are located within the Greater Sydney region. The school system enables individual schools to specialize in chosen fields (e.g. Music, Arts, Science, Agricultural, Robotics, Academics).

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