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By January 8, 2016News

Tours & Excursions

As part of all of Excelzia’s five (5) day core programs, after hours excursions are included in the program price.

Excelzia believes that all parts of its programs should contain cultural and educational elements. In a 5 day program, students will be in Sydney for a 7 day period. During that time Excelzia provides:

  • 2 evening excursions
  • 1 Saturday excursion

All our after-hours tours are designed to be fun, interesting and educational. They include visiting unique places where students can see where Australian history happened. They are given the opportunity for hands-on experiences with dynamic educators. During these excursions, students will experience the history, culture and lifestyle of Sydney.

The evening (weekday) excursions are interrelated to the subject being studied. For example, if you are attending a Dramatic Arts program you will get to visit live theatre and meet some of the cast and crew. If you are doing the Personal Development program, you will meet other local high school students and be part of a debating session.

The weekend excursion is more relaxed and focuses on the amazing sights of the greater Sydney city. You will see local markets, beaches, parks and get to enjoy the cityscape and absorb the local culture.

As always, Excelzia can design individual after-hours tours and excursions to suit your school’s individual needs. For example, we have arranged for schools to attend church services, or museum tours and even theme park visits.

Excelzia can work with you to develop specific programs to suit your individual needs. Please contact Excelzia by emailing us your requirements at [email protected].

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