Self Development

Self Development Skills Program 4

A five-day intensive course designed to develop the fundamental competencies of Analytical and Critical Thinking, Written and Verbal Communication, Ethics, Intercultural, Social Justice and Global Citizenship.

This course aims to develop strategies to deliver successful interpersonal communications and build confidence in attendees. At the end of the course, students will be able to evaluate their own performance and development and to recognise gaps in their knowledge and also how to acquire new knowledge independently.

Ages 15 and over

Course Day Plan

Developing Global Citizenship

Developing Specific Competencies in Diversity, Intercultural Communication, Ethical Thinking, Commitment and Moral Investment.

  • Issue management process
  • Representation of an issue position to a panel
  • Negotiation exercise
  • Building and maintaining relationships with diverse stakeholders

Presentation Day

  • Student presentation demonstrating the skills acquired over 4 days
  • Tour of Facility Afternoon Tea – students meet and greet local students and facility staff and lecturers

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