Frequently Asked Questions

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Can I purchase a program for my child?

Excelzia only deals direct with schools.  This is to ensure that programs fit with the requirements of the school’s vision for their students.  There is also a requirement for minimum class sizes which makes single placing’s difficult.

What countries does Excelzia provide services to?

Initially Excelzia is commencing working with schools in Indonesia.  However we are also currently investigating Singapore, Malaysia and Hong Kong where indications are that parents and students and schools have the same requirements.  Excelzia does not provide these services to Australian students.

What supervision will my child have?

All institutions working with Excelzia provide supervision of students whilst on their premises.  However, please note that the individual schools are responsible for their student’s overall supervision whilst in Australia.  Generally, this means that the school will have send teachers and/or chaperones for this purpose.

Does my child have to do the courses in any particular order?

No. All courses offer stand independent however the courses offer connected or interrelated programs that encourage return visits over several semester breaks.  Although each course stands independent, they have linkages to other courses being offered.

What is included in the package?

Excelzia is responsible for all facilitation and logistics associated with the student’s attendance in Australia.  This includes ground transport, accommodation, meals, programs and cultural experiences.

How often are the programs run?

Programs are generally run during term break however Excelzia can also run programs to suit your timing. Please contact us to discuss your preferred dates.

Who are the program operators?

Programs are held and run by Australia’s leading education providers with international standards, and list of international alumni.  Programs are/can be correlated with International Baccalaureate and Cambridge curriculum as required.

There are potential scholarship programme opportunities from respective institutions for future students.

Many of the programmes assist in creating University Pathways for students pursuing tertiary education courses at the institutions.


What are the benefits to Schools by working with Excelzia?

Excelzia sees the benefits to schools to include:

  • Better skilled students with superior skill sets to their peers
  • A student population with increased confidence and broader range of real life skills
  • Having students with worldlier outlook
  • Having the ability to develop specific programs with Excelzia to satisfy their School’s vision

Overall, the Excelzia programs deliver better skilled students which we believe helps raise the School’s reputation.

What are the benefits to students by attending an Excelzia program?

Excelzia sees the benefits to students include:

  • Learning new skills through experience
  • Learning new skills in a stimulating environment
  • Students will benefit from the “change of scenery” and cultural experiences of being in a new country