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Learning through experience

Excelzia provides Experiential Learning programs within Australia to overseas students.  We believe this provides students with self-enrichment through learning experiences that combine educational and personal development skills in a cultural environment.

What makes Excelzia different is our ability to mix high quality education programs with exciting and enjoyable lifestyle and cultural activities.  This enables students to experience learning in a fun and enjoyable way whilst learning and enjoying the Australian way of life.  Our programs balance outside lifestyle activities with hands-on learning experiences.

Excelzia is not an Education Agent, and does not act on behalf of any education institutions in Australia.  All of Excelzia’s programs are specially created for Excelzia and delivered by globally recognised education institutions.

Excelzia provides unique, world class programs and service to our customers.

Benefits of Working with Excelzia

Excelzia works with globally recognised, tertiary, educational institutions to develop programs that use experiential learning methodology to deliver measurable outcomes.  The course materials are anchored in real world situations and examples that allow students to work with the new skills to develop the required outcomes.  What all this means is that students get interactive, hands-on learning and not all boring classroom stuff.

What we do is research and develop tailor-made programs to suit an individual school’s requirements.  Once we have a clear understanding of you school’s requirements, goals and budget, we take care of the rest.  This means that every school can have a customised program – we do not take the “cookie cutter” approach.

This is a great experience for students as they:

  • Learn new skills through experience
  • Learn new skills in a stimulating environment
  • Will benefit from the “change of scenery” and cultural experiences of being in a new country

For the school, they benefit from:

  • Better skilled students with superior skill sets to their peers
  • A student population with increased confidence and broader range of real-life skills
  • Having students with a worldlier outlook
  • Having the ability to develop specific programs with Excelzia to satisfy their School’s vision

Overall, the Excelzia programs deliver better skilled students which we believe helps raise the School’s reputation.

Excelzia is responsible for all facilitation and logistics associated with the student’s attendance in Australia.  This includes ground transport, accommodation, meals and cultural experiences.

The Company

Excelzia is an Australian proprietary limited company (ABN 13 603 519 937) and is headquartered in Sydney, Australia.

Amanda Bowyer is the Managing Director of Excelzia. Amanda was born and raised in Jakarta and holds a Bachelor Degree in International Business from the Auston Institute of Technology and Management Singapore, and a Bachelor of Business Administration from The University of Western Sydney.

She has also completed company sponsored management courses in the USA and holds Certificates in Event Management and Social Media Marketing from the University of Sydney.

Amanda has extensive experience in Marketing, Sales and Workplace Training in a variety of industries and across several countries (Indonesia, Singapore, New Zealand and Australia).

Amanda Bowyer

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